6666 Beer A Toast to Texas Tradition and Craft Excellence

Introducing the latest addition to the beverage market, “6666 Grit & Glory,” a distinctive line of 6666 beer and ranch water rooted deeply in the popular Yellowstone universe. This ambitious launch not only captures the spirit of the American West but also marks a significant collaboration among notable industry giants. Spearheaded by Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, along with David Glasser, CEO of 101 Studios, and the innovative beverage incubator L.A. Libations, this venture promises to blend traditional brewing artistry with cinematic storytelling.

The 6666 beer series kicks off with an alluring array of craft styles tailored to please a diverse palate. The lineup includes a crisp Pilsner, a robust Amber Lager, and a refreshing Hazy Session IPA, each crafted to reflect the rugged essence of the 6666 Ranch. Alongside these beers, the brand introduces a modern take on ranch water, a beloved Texan refreshment, now available in a convenient canned format ideal for both casual gatherings and upscale events.

Initially rolling out across Texas, a state synonymous with both its rich history and its modern cultural tapestry, the response to 6666 beer and ranch water has been overwhelmingly positive. Retailers across the state, from small-town liquor stores to large supermarket chains, have eagerly added these beverages to their shelves, anticipating strong customer interest fueled by the Yellowstone connection.

Looking ahead, plans for national expansion are already underway, with target markets including California, Georgia, and Florida set to receive shipments by the year’s end. The strategic rollout is designed to gauge consumer response while ensuring that the brand remains true to its roots, offering an authentic taste of the West that resonates nationwide. The ultimate goal for 6666 Grit & Glory is to establish a lasting footprint in the American beverage landscape, making 6666 beer a household name synonymous with quality and heritage.

Product NameDescriptionLaunch AreaExpansion Plans
6666 Grit & GloryA line of 6666 beer and ranch water linked to the Yellowstone universe, featuring craft beer styles like Pilsner, Amber Lager, and Hazy Session IPA, along with a canned ranch water.TexasNational expansion by year’s end to California, Georgia, and Florida

Launch and Product Details

The inception of 6666 Grit & Glory is steeped in rich history and an inspiring narrative tied to one of America’s most storied ranches, the 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas. This brand was born from the synergy between the creative mind of Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and the business acumen of David Glasser, CEO of 101 Studios, alongside the innovative team at L.A. Libations. Following the acquisition of the historic ranch, which has been a significant backdrop in the Yellowstone series, the collaborators sought to encapsulate the essence of the ranch’s rugged beauty and storied past into a beverage line that celebrates the spirit of the West.

The launch introduces a meticulously crafted array of 6666 beers and ranch waters, designed to honor the legacy of the ranch while offering something novel and refreshing to the beverage market. Each product under the 6666 label is a reflection of traditional craftsmanship blended with modern brewing techniques, creating a lineup that’s as authentic as the land it represents.


The 6666 beer selection features three distinct styles aimed at catering to a variety of tastes. The Pilsner is crafted for crispness and refreshment, echoing the clear skies over the Texas plains. The Hazy Session IPA offers a more laid-back, citrusy vibe, perfect for those long, lazy days under the sun. The Amber Lager stands out with its deep hues and rich, malty flavors, reminiscent of the Texas sunset.

Accompanying the beers is the ranch water—a refreshing beverage with roots deep in Texan tradition, now reimagined for wider appeal. The ranch water line is developed using a sugar brew base, ensuring a light, crisp taste that serves as the perfect canvas for a range of flavors, including Original, Spicy Habanero and Juicy Mango, Prickly Pear Margarita, and Blackberry Pomegranate. These are available in variety packs of 12 oz cans, allowing consumers to explore and enjoy all the unique flavors on offer.

The branding and packaging of these products pay homage to their origins with rustic, ranch-themed tap handles and rugged motifs that mirror the authentic and enduring spirit of the 6666 Ranch. This attention to detail ensures that each product not only tastes distinct but also tells a part of the ranch’s story.

BackgroundInspired by the 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas and the Yellowstone series. A collaboration between Taylor Sheridan, David Glasser, and L.A. Libations, following the acquisition of the ranch.
Products6666 beers (Pilsner, Hazy Session IPA, Amber Lager) and ranch water (Original, Spicy Habanero and Juicy Mango, Prickly Pear Margarita, Blackberry Pomegranate) in 12 oz cans.
Product FeaturesBeers and ranch waters crafted to reflect traditional craftsmanship and modern brewing techniques, representing the authentic spirit of the ranch.
Branding and PackagingRustic, ranch-themed design on tap handles and packaging, reflecting the rugged and enduring spirit of the 6666 Ranch.

Strategic Rollout and Market Adoption

The rollout of 6666 Grit & Glory has been meticulously planned, starting in Texas, the heartland of the ranch and a pivotal market for craft beverages. The strategic decision to launch initially in Texas is driven by the state’s substantial market size and a robust consumer base that values both innovation and tradition in their beverages. Danny Stepper, co-founder and CEO of L.A. Libations, emphasized the importance of a disciplined expansion strategy. He mentioned, “There’s a lot of retailers that would love this to be national right now, but we’re trying to stay really disciplined and be measured on how we do it. We want to walk before we run, ensuring that each step we take builds on the last.”

Plans are in place to expand into additional key markets such as California, Georgia, and Florida by the end of the year, with the goal of eventually establishing a national presence by 2023.

The adoption of 6666 Grit & Glory products by retailers and distributors has been overwhelmingly positive. The brand’s connection to the popular Yellowstone franchise and its authentic Texas roots have helped secure its placement in prominent chains across the state. Major retailers including Albertsons, H-E-B, Kroger, Market Street, Randalls, Sprouts, Target, Tom Thumb, Total Wine, Walmart, and WinCo have already authorized the sale of these products, signaling strong market acceptance and enthusiasm for this new entrant into the craft beverage scene.

This strategic rollout, coupled with solid partnerships and a compelling brand story, positions 6666 Grit & Glory to captivate and satisfy consumers while honoring the legacy of the 6666 Ranch. The combination of distinctive products and thoughtful market strategy ensures that 6666 beer and ranch waters are not just beverages but a true embodiment of Texas heritage and craftsmanship.

Initial RolloutLaunched initially in Texas, leveraging the state’s substantial market size and consumer base that values both innovation and tradition.
Expansion StrategyPlans to expand into California, Georgia, and Florida by the end of the year, aiming for a national presence by 2023.
Market ReceptionPositive adoption by retailers and distributors, with major chains like Albertsons, H-E-B, Kroger, and Walmart authorizing sales. The connection to the Yellowstone franchise and Texas roots enhances market acceptance.
Brand StrategyDanny Stepper, CEO of L.A. Libations, emphasizes a disciplined, phased approach to expansion to build on previous successes and ensure stability.

Distribution and Partnerships

A cornerstone of the successful launch of 6666 Grit & Glory has been its strategic partnership with Molson Coors. This alliance is pivotal as it leverages Molson Coors’ extensive distribution network to ensure that the 6666 beers and ranch waters reach a broad audience. Molson Coors, one of the leading beer companies globally, brings a wealth of experience and resources that are crucial for navigating the complex beverage market. Their involvement not only boosts the brand’s visibility but also assures retailers and consumers of the quality and stability behind the new offerings.

Parallel to this, L.A. Libations plays an instrumental role in the development and strategic positioning of the products. Known for their innovative approach in the beverage industry, L.A. Libations collaborates closely with Taylor Sheridan and David Glasser to infuse the essence of the 6666 Ranch into each beverage. Their expertise in product innovation and market trends is essential in crafting unique flavors and formulations that stand out in the competitive market, ensuring that each product resonates with both fans of Yellowstone and craft beverage enthusiasts.

The distribution strategy for 6666 Grit & Glory is tailored to meet the intricate requirements of state laws, which vary widely across the United States. One strategic decision was to use a sugar brew base for the ranch water. This choice was driven by the need to adhere to different state regulations concerning alcoholic beverages, which can dictate the distribution channels available. By choosing a fermented base, 6666 Grit & Glory can access broader markets and utilize more distribution networks, such as grocery stores and convenience stores, ensuring a wider reach and availability to a diverse consumer base.

Partnership with Molson CoorsStrategic alliance leveraging Molson Coors’ extensive distribution network, enhancing the visibility, quality, and stability of 6666 Grit & Glory.
Role of L.A. LibationsInstrumental in product development and strategic positioning, collaborating with Taylor Sheridan and David Glasser to infuse the essence of the 6666 Ranch into each beverage.
Distribution StrategyTailored to meet varying state laws across the US. Utilization of a sugar brew base for ranch water to comply with state regulations and broaden market access.

Marketing and Brand Positioning

The marketing of 6666 Grit & Glory is deeply intertwined with the Yellowstone series, leveraging the show’s massive following and the cultural iconography of the American West. The upcoming 6666 spin-off show further amplifies this connection, promising to delve deeper into the narratives that fans cherish. By aligning the brand with such a powerful storyline, 6666 Grit & Glory gains not just visibility but also a rich layer of authenticity and heritage. This strategic positioning is vital in maintaining the legacy of the Four Sixes Ranch, ensuring that the products reflect the true spirit and history of this legendary ranch.

The marketing strategies for 6666 Grit & Glory are as dynamic as the beverages themselves. Potential marketing initiatives include exclusive walk-on roles on Yellowstone and its spin-offs, offering fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of their favorite show. Additionally, the brand plans to organize visits to the production sets, providing a behind-the-scenes look that would enhance consumer engagement and deepen the brand’s connection with its audience.

Moreover, the products are strategically featured in episodes of Yellowstone and its related series, where they blend seamlessly into the narrative, adding a layer of realism and enhancing the viewing experience. This not only serves as effective product placement but also reinforces the brand’s authenticity, making 6666 Grit & Glory a natural extension of the Yellowstone universe.

By integrating these strategic partnerships, distribution tactics, and innovative marketing initiatives, 6666 Grit & Glory is set to capture the imagination of a national audience, promising not only to quench their thirst but to immerse them in the enduring legacy of the American West, as portrayed in one of television’s most beloved sagas. The thoughtful approach to distribution and marketing ensures that the brand remains rooted in its heritage while expanding its reach and influence across the beverage industry.

Integration with YellowstoneMarketing deeply intertwined with the Yellowstone series and the upcoming 6666 spin-off, leveraging the show’s following and the iconography of the American West to add authenticity and heritage to the brand.
Marketing InitiativesIncludes exclusive walk-on roles in Yellowstone and spin-offs, organized visits to production sets, and products featured in episodes, enhancing consumer engagement and realism.
Product PlacementStrategic featuring of products in Yellowstone episodes, blending them seamlessly into the narrative and reinforcing the brand’s authenticity and connection with the storyline.

Future Plans and Expectations

As 6666 Grit & Glory continues to establish its foothold in the market, the brand is already poised to expand its product line with exciting new offerings that promise to captivate and satisfy evolving consumer tastes. In the near future, customers can look forward to the introduction of Michelada styles, which will blend the robust flavors of traditional Mexican cerveza preparada with the distinct character of 6666 beers. This innovative offering aims to cater to the growing demand for flavorful and culturally rich beer options.

Additionally, the brand is set to launch a series of spirits-based ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails. These will include classics such as Old Fashioneds and Palomas, reimagined with the unique twist of the 6666 branding. With a starting alcohol by volume (ABV) of 15%, these cocktails are designed to offer a more potent alternative for those seeking a stronger beverage experience. The rollout of these new products is scheduled to begin by the end of October, following extensive consumer testing to perfect the flavors and packaging.

The introduction of these new flavors and high ABV options is part of a broader strategy to make 6666 Grit & Glory a versatile player in the beverage market, appealing to a wide range of tastes and drinking occasions. This strategy reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation and its responsiveness to market trends and consumer preferences.

The long-term vision for 6666 Grit & Glory is ambitious and forward-thinking. The primary goal is to elevate the brand to a nationally recognized status, making it synonymous with both quality and the rich heritage of the American West. Through strategic marketing, collaboration with influential partners, and continuous product innovation, 6666 Grit & Glory aims to weave its narrative into the fabric of American culture, much like the Yellowstone series has done in the entertainment landscape.

Executives at 6666 Grit & Glory are optimistic about the brand’s future impact and growth. They believe that the unique positioning of the brand, coupled with its deep ties to the iconic 6666 Ranch and the popular Yellowstone franchise, provides a solid foundation for success. Danny Stepper, CEO of L.A. Libations, remarked, “We are not just selling beer and ranch water; we are offering a piece of American heritage. This is what sets us apart and what will drive our growth nationally.”

New Product OfferingsIntroduction of Michelada styles blending Mexican cerveza with 6666 beers, and spirits-based RTD cocktails including Old Fashioneds and Palomas, with a higher ABV of 15%.
Product RolloutScheduled to begin by the end of October, following extensive consumer testing to perfect flavors and packaging.
Brand StrategyExpanding product line to cater to diverse tastes and drinking occasions, aiming to elevate the brand to a nationally recognized status and weave its narrative into American culture.
Long-term VisionTo make 6666 Grit & Glory synonymous with both quality and the rich heritage of the American West, leveraging the popularity of the Yellowstone franchise and the iconic 6666 Ranch.
Executive OutlookDanny Stepper of L.A. Libations highlights the brand’s unique positioning and its connection to American heritage as key drivers for national growth.

The launch of 6666 Grit & Glory marks a significant milestone in the convergence of storytelling, heritage, and beverage innovation. By tapping into the cultural phenomenon of Yellowstone and harnessing the historical allure of the Four Sixes Ranch, the brand has managed to create a product line that resonates deeply with consumers. The strategic approach to distribution, coupled with the introduction of novel products that keep pace with consumer trends, positions 6666 Grit & Glory to make a lasting impact on the craft beer and ranch water market both in Texas and across the United States.

As 6666 Grit & Glory continues to expand and evolve, its journey will undoubtedly be one to watch, promising not only to refresh and delight its customers but also to embed itself as a staple of American beverage culture. The brand’s commitment to authenticity, quality, and innovation is expected to propel it towards national acclaim, making 6666 Grit & Glory a beloved name in homes and social gatherings across the country.